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Italian Honey
"The designation honey is reserved only to products obtained from the work of bees without further intervention from the outside". The honeys of Italy reflect a botanical landscape of sweet earthiness where artisan beekeepers and nomadic bees follow the flowers to bring "la dolce vita" to taste.
Chestnut Honey
Chestnut Honey

One of Italian’s most evocative artisan food products is honey. Like grapes and olives it is a true reflection of the terroir of the region. Raw and unfiltered this artisan Italian honey comes from beehives in the protected national parks along Tuscany's Etruscan coast. The end to a traditional Tuscan meal would be a slice of Pecorino Toscano cheese drizzled with chestnut honey served with a fresh pear. Darker and richer than most honeys, Italian chestnut honey is a product of the forest with an aroma and flavor that can add a sweet and savory note to a variety of dishes. Try it with oatmeal in the morning or breakfast crespelle (Italian crepes) to add a touch of the sweetness of Italy to your day.

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Italian Black Summer Truffle Honey
Italian Black Summer Truffle Honey

Black Summer Truffle Honey. Some truffle honeys are only infused with the aroma of  truffles. Our millefiori truffle honey has a precious sliver of Italian black truffle in every jar. A balance of earthiness and sweetness. There should be a warning on the label of this honey that says "Extraordinarily Addictive".

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