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Taste and Learn Series




Pamela Marasco


The Making, Tasting and Traditions  of Balsamic Vinegar 


In the pantheon of Italian food products one type of vinegar stands out above the rest, Aceto Balsamico from the regions of Modena and Reggio Emilia in Northern Italy. Learn about tastings, traditions, artisan production, the best way to recognize and use a true balsamic vinegar and the author's personal visit and tasting at a balsamic acetaia in Emilia Romagna.


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Drop By Drop


Pamela Marasco


A Culinary and Cultural Taste of Italy's Most Famous Cheeses 


The breath and depth of Italian cheese is far more extensive than the grated mounds of cheese that shower down on pasta or cover our favorite pizza. Used as an ingredient, garnish, topping or simply enjoyed on its own, Italians love their cheese and so do millions of people around the world.



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Udderly Italian


Seeing and Savoring Italy

Pamela Marasco


A Taste and Travel Journey through Northern Italy, Tuscany and Umbria

A storybook of cooking and travel based on a series of culinary road trips that pairs the pleasures of eating with the history and art of the region that results in a unique travel experience way beyond a "show and tell" tour. 

Paperback Edition Available at Amazon

Pasta for a Princess

Pamela Marasco


A Culinary Fantasy


First in a series of children's books about the culinary and cultural history of regional Italian food about one of Italy's most beloved pasta, tagliatelle born from a tradition of pasta making that begins with a myth and a legend and a Renaissance princess named Lucrezia.

Paperback Edition Available at Amazon

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