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Places to Know and Go


 - Emilia Romagna

- Tuscany

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studio /atelier of artist Samuele Calosi 

Via della Sapienza, 17, Siena 

Siena Studio

if total immersion into the Italian lifestyle is what you are looking for, brush up on your Italian, climb into your Fiat 500 rental and stop at the COOP for groceries for a farmhouse  stay  in San Casciano in Val di Pesa

Castello di Bibbione

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More to come

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More to come

More Itineraries at Cositutti.com


small bed & breakfast close to Modena and Parma with a  stay that includes a visit to a balsamic acetaia

il Borgo del

visit the ancient breed of the Red Cows of Reggaiano to see the making of Parmiagiano 

Vacche Rosse

one of the largest, best kept Baroque gardens in the world 


ducal residence of Francesco I d'Este also known as "the Delight" for its ornate architecture, pescheria, painted 

walls, ceilings,

fountains and parks

Palazzo Ducale
Delizia Estense

a charming b & b  amoug the windswept hills south of Bologna with the most gracious host who makes her guests feel as if she has been waiting just for them

Lodole Country House
More About Milan Coming Soon
More About Venice Coming Soon

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