Extraordinarily Addictive - Italian Black Summer Truffle Honey

Il giorno di amore is days away and you’re shopping for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Something out of the ordinary. Something know for its rich and complex flavors. Something seductively sweet but with a grounded earthiness that makes it very appealing. Something you what to know more about.

Wait, I sound like I'm describing my favorite Valentine but what I'm really describing is my favorite Valentine gift - Italian Black Summer Truffle Honey. This honey is a true revelation. Once believed to grow in spots where lightening struck the Italian Black Summer truffle grows naturally yet elusively below the soil's surface in open woodlands. More subtle than the winter variety it has a rich woodsy aroma with flavors of garlic, wild mushroom and earthy hazelnuts. Hunting season for black truffles starts in May and lasts until the end of August or early September. Well before sunrise Italian truffle hunters (trifolau) and their dogs, a particular breed of Italian water retrievers known as Lagotto Romagnolo, begin foraging for the truffles, in secret places with special groves and guarded locations to ensure that these rare edibles will be protected and conserved.

Italian Black Summer Truffle Honey make use of the wonderful flavors of truffles. While some truffle honeys are only infused with the aroma of truffles. Our millefiori truffle honey has a precious sliver of Italian black truffle in every jar. Expect a unique flavor that is indescribably good and unforgettable. A culinary addiction, an edible delight , a perfect gift for your Valentine.

Baked Ricotta Dip with Black Summer Truffle Honey

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