Updated: Dec 9, 2020

An incredible experience you should take part in at least once in your life!

In Tuscany when olives are pressed and the new oil is flowing families and friends gather around the table with gorgeous bottles of vivid green oil to celebrate the new harvest with a slice of fettunta, roasted Tuscan saltless bread with an abundant drizzle of newly pressed extra virgin olive oil. Fettunta, in the Tuscan dialect means "greased or oily slice"; fetta - slice and unta-oily. A special feast within the frantoio amid the buckets of oil collected and slices of bread dropped into this liquid green gold. A formal tasting of the year’s new oil in December and January with the purpose not to eat slice after slice of bread but to use the bread as a vehicle to taste and enjoy the exceptional first pressed extra virgin olive oil of the new harvest.

To eat a fettunta grill individual slices of bread, annoint the bread with oil, splurge and indulge for there is no better way to enjoy olio nuovo than on fettunta - an incredible experience when done with an exceptional oil.

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