Italian Royalty Arrives for Christmas

In the pantheon of Italian food products one type of vinegar stands above all others, Aceto Balsamico from Modena. A unique condiment that is often imitated but can never be duplicated. A true Aceto Balsamico is made according to guidelines that go back to the noble families of Modena. It was so highly prized that Alfonso 1, Duke of Ferrara, who took his ducal feasting seriously, even maintained his own acetaia, a loft where vinegar barrels are stored.

CosituttiMarketPlace is pleased that our stock list has always included Maletti Aged Balsamic Vinegar for the holidays. Food and Wine Magazine calls Maletti vinegars an "incredible edible gift". It is rich, syrupy and fragrant. The concentrated flavors mean that a little goes a long way to season and enhance meat, fish, salads, fruit, cheese, even chocolate!

Royalty at a Modest Price!

Just outside of Modena in Emilia Romagna, the Maletti family has been producing quality traditional balsamic vinegars for generations. Aged in former wine barrels of French Allier oak, this 6 year balsamic has an extraordinary density, aroma and depth of flavor with a clean delicate finish. Often mistaken for a 10,12, or even a 15 year balsamic it is an exceptional product that contradicts its age and modest price.

Read more about the most famous and highly prized vinegar in the world at Drop by Drop: The Making, Tasting and Traditions of Balsamic Vinegar. Besides tastings and traditions included with this book's online Kindle access is helpful information about buying balsamic vinegar, conservation and storage and some unique recipes.

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