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Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Regional foods emotionally connect Italians with their homes, their families and generational traditions. In Italy food is pivotal not only for nourishment but for the transmission of culture and memory. Simple, genuine, healthy, sustainable food is essential to the Italian way of life. Italians value food and their culinary traditions and the benefits they bring to the table. They are unyielding in their desire to choose and use the best quality with a deep dedication to local and regional specialties.

KmO or (zero kilometer) refers to the usage of local foods that have not traveled far after production. Italians appreciate and support food that is conceived, grown, nurtured , harvested, produced and packaged in and on site. The use of locally grown fruits, vegetables, cheese, meat, honey and other non-industrially produced food products is very important in Italian culture. When you see Italians reading labels in the supermarket, they are likely searching not for the calories but for the origins of the product itself and the ingredients.

One of the purposes and principles of the Cositutti Group is to express the authenticity and ethics of the regional food of Italy through our products, travels and writings. Each year as I travel to Italy on my Annual Fall Buying Trip, I realize that place matters. The experiences, relationships developed and business contacts made over the last 20 +years reflect my continuing appreciation for the growing of the food and our offerings at CosituttiMarketPlace and the belief that the Italian model of preparing a well-laid table to share and enjoy with your family and friends in a relaxed and tranquil manner is a lost (and healthy) pleasure that must be found again.

Italy's farmhouse villas with family vineyards and orchards have always been a model for land to hand cooking. The traditional agricultural roots of Italian casalinga (homestyle) KmO cooking are a legacy of Italian cuisine that we can all benefit from.

Casa Corenli Beans and Lentils

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