On New Year's Buona Fortuna With Lentils

Buona Fortuna! Good Luck!

Italians never underestimate the importance of starting out the New Year with a little good luck. A number, charm, sign or in this case food can be an auspicious beginning to ensure the best the year has to offer.

According to Italian custom, if you want guarantee good luck in the New Year, you must eat lentils on New Year’s Eve/Day.

In Italy coin-shaped lentils are symbolic of good fortune and prosperity. This custom comes from an ancient Roman tradition of giving a scarsella (a small leather satchel used to carry money or documents) filled with lentils at the end of the year in the hope that each lentil would turn into a coin. Even if this monetary transformation doesn't take place you can benefit from eating lentils. Lentils are high in insoluble fiber, can help stabilize your blood sugar, are a high source of iron and full of polyphenols, compounds that have been liked to long-lasting health including cardiovascular health and diabetes prevention. A great introduction into a vegan, plant -based diet, lentils are high in protein and give you a nice, long, sustained amount of energy.

For me that sounds like a lucky way to start the New Year!

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