Sicilian Pastry Chefs

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

The tradition of Sicilian pastry in well-known throughout Italy. The icons of Italian pastry - cannoli, cassta siciliana and marzipan were perfected at the hands of Sicilian pastry chefs. What other country would have bakeries where you can request mi inchissi 'n cannolu (would you fill a cannolo for me?).

Or create a pastry in honor of St. Agatha, small round sponge cakes made with ricotta covered with white frosting topped with a candied cherry. The shape of the pastries refer to the martyred St. Agatha whose breasts were cut off for refusing to renounce her faith. Legend says that the saint's breasts grew back and in her honor are made as miniature cakes served on her feast day.

In Italy almost anything can be an inspiration for a signature dolce including one of Italy's most favored ingredient, Sicilian pistachios. Sicily is one of the largest producers of pistachios in the world. A delicate balance of sweet and salty their buttery taste and vibrant green color can be found as a base for gelato, a flavoring for granita, a frosting for cakes and a pastry cream for profiteroles, cannoli and flaky croissants.


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