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In Italy, crema has long been a part of Italian cooking. But in Italy it is not usually cream that creates the creamy texture. Italians puree a wide range of  ingredients and for virtually any vegetable there is a passato.  In Italy vegetable spreads are called "creams" even though they contain no dairy products. Their spreadability makes them a perfect charcuterie add on for crackers or crostini. They are an indispensable ingredient used to make soups, toppings and as an ingredient to enhance flavors in a variety of dishes. 


This crema packs an intense burst of flavor from black olives, olive oil and sea salt with a fruity flavor that pairs well with both hard and soft cheese.  We like to add a swirl to our pull apart "monkey bread" recipe. Also a natural sauce for Pasta alla Cenere.


Similar to a black olive tapenade but so much better. 

La Favorita Black Olive Vegetable Crema

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