An oil that echos the wild side of Tuscany, from Maremma on Tuscany's southern coast. Italy's Maremma is like its own little world, defintely off the tourist flow and so is this oil.


Castello Colle Massari I.G.P. Organic Extra Virgin Olive is considered to be one of the finest expressions of olive oil from Maremma. This oil features 20% of the very rare and unique Olivastra-Seggianese olive, a native botanical species with an assertive flavor that mellows under fire. If you are looking for a very nice cooking oil, this oil is for you. It blooms under heat to release a subtle spicy flavor with the aroma of wild herbs and hazelnuts. 


2021 Harvest. Organically Produced. Silver Medal, Medium Intensity, Los Angeles International Competition 2022


Castello ColleMassari Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • A well-rounded oil for no nonsense cooking from a region of Italy known for simple, genuine, deeply-flavored dishes. The olives used to make this oil are hand-picked and cold pressed within 24 hours then milled on site. Some of these trees are a 1000 years old! When you are drizzling Seggiano's olive oil over your bruschetta, it has come from the same trees that produced oil when the Kingdom of England and the Holy Roman Empire were established!


    0.2% acidity with full benefits of healthy monosaturated fats and polyphenols.