A traditional cracked black pepper and fennel salami with an added twist that takes this classic Tuscan favorite to another level making it a necessary addition to your next antipasti plate or charcuterie board.  Each stick  is handcrafted using traditional techniques made with hand-blended spices and ingredients that are locally-sourced, all-natural, and humanely treated.   


Coro Finocchiona Salami

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  • Finocchiona has been made since the Middle Ages, it originates from a time when black pepper was expensive and wild fennel grew throughout the countryside and was used as a flavoring.

    Coro Finocchiona plays on the Italian word for chorus to describe the harmony of traditional and non-traditional flavors in this unique Italian inspired salami made with carefully sourced spices and humanely raised vegetarian-fed US pork never treated with antibiotics. Shelf stable. Refrigeration is not required. Uncured. Uses celery juice powder, a natural form of nitrate and nitrite.


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