Get ready for some major holiday grazing. This festive limited holiday edition salami is studded with red and green peppercorns perfect for Christmas entertaining.  Each stick is handcrafted using traditional techniques made with hand-blended spices and ingredients that are locally-sourced, all-natural, and humanely treated. Shelf stable. Ready to serve.


Coro Peppercorn Salami

$10.50 Regular Price
$9.50Sale Price
  • Coro Salami plays on the Italian word for chorus to describe the harmony of traditional and non-traditional flavors in this unique Italian inspired salami made with carefully sourced spices and humanely raised vegetarian-fed US pork never treated with antibiotics.  Refrigeration not required. Uncured. Uses celery juice powder, a natural form of nitrate and nitrite.


    Produced by Salumi, a Seattle-based company known for their famous salami, messy porchetta, and incredible meatballs. Anthony Bourdain once said that this Seattle- based maker of salami and cured meats is "a holy place for me; I’m half serious it should be a UNESCO site. It should be a landmark.

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