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Some of Italy's best known cookies. A classic Tuscan biscotti with a crumbly texture and the savory-sweet taste of almonds. Made with OIRZ 100% Italian flour (softer, slightly sweet, lower in gluten with traceability from sowing to harvesting).  Dolciaria Quacquarini Cantucci have that typical rustic, golden color, twice-baked biscotti texture and distinct aroma of Italian almonds.



The name cantuccio comes from the Latin word cantellus (piece or slice) and describes how these biscuits are made: a small, fresh-out-of-the-oven loaf of dough sliced diagonally.

Dolciaria Quacquarini Almond Cantucci Cookies

  • From Dolciaria Quacquarini, located in the Le Marche region of Italy between the mountains and the Adriatic Sea. Dolciaria Quacquarini is one of the most recognizable 100% artisanal confectioners in Italy


    Preserving the memory and art of artisan Italian pastry making, Dolciaria Quacquarini products can be recognized by the top quality ingredients and the way in which these are prepared to ensure that all flavours remain authentic and unchanged.

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