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Attention: Cracker Enthusiasts. 


A salty-sweet shortbread-like cracker perfect for cheese boards and charcuterie  made with cured black olives finished with a light dusting of sea salt. The flaky buttery texture and taste of this biscuit-like cracker pairs well with soft cheeses or charcuterie toppings, salads and soups. They’re delicious , they’re portable, they’re the perfect accompaniment. Part of our Miei Amici French Connection.


Olive Scourtin Savory Biscuits

  • Scourtin - (France) a shortbread olive appetizer.

    Italy's Mediterranean neighbors are constantly being inspired by the olive. In France a savory shortbread cracker-like cookie known as a scourtin is soft yet firm, sweet and salty, studded with olives, and  perfect to enjoy with wine and cheese. These are made in small batches from all natural ingredients with no preservatives or food colorings.

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