Glossy white with a fine thin skin these beans are magic. Their tender texture, delicate earthy flavor and aroma reflect the historical cultivation of legumes and cereal grains grown for centuries on generational farms in the fertile soil of Umbria.


Widely used in traditional regional cuisine, cannellini beans are rich in fiber, protein, enzymes and minerals and a natural regulator of sugar and cholesterol levels in the blood.


Used as the base for soups, puréed with extra virgin olive oil and rosemary or as a star ingredient in a light and healthy Cannellini Bean Salad these beans are a filling, rich and comforting part of Italian cuisine. Traditionally served with the fresh harvest oil to celebrate the season. Processed without the use of preservatives, additives or aromas.

Casa Corneli Organic Cannellini Beans

  • Casa Corneli - San Vito in Monte in the hills between Perugia and Orvieto in Umbria. Using organic cultivation practices, Casa Corneli is committed to maintaining the natural balance of the soil to produce their signature cannellini beans.

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