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Our current book selection is Rosemary and Red Wine: Italian Dishes, Recipes and Traditions For Two of Italy's Most Iconic Ingredients


Recipes and a culinary backstory that connect the traditions and cultural heritage of two of Italy's most iconic ingredients including taste and travel tips that make this part cook book and part culinary travel guide. Ingredients and methods are prefaced by a brief introduction meant to help the reader understand the storied history behind the dish, or a shared trick for making it just right. This gift box includes a Nonnina woooden spoon with laser cut rosemary image.



Packaged in glossy black or kraft gift box with our signature label. 



Rosemary and Red Wine Book Box

  • A culinary survey of two of Italy's most iconic ingredients, rosemary and red wine, with a collection of recipes from generations of Italian cooks, chefs, restaurateurs, cooking schools and the author’s time spent in Italy with her Italian family and friends.





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