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The best vinegar comes from the best wine. Since 1172 in the Tuscan hill town of Volpaia great Chianti Classico has been produced and the wines of Castello di Volpaia are included among the most notable.


The method used to make Volpaia Red Wine Vinegar is a process as carefully controlled as wine making. In a process known as truciolo, the wine percolates through layers of dried grape vine cuttings and wood chips to preserve the aroma and flavor of the wine. Then like a fine wine it is aged up to a year in large chestnut vats and then in small oak barrels to produce a full-bodied red wine vinegar that maintains the character of the wine.


Volpaia Aged Red Wine Vinegar

  • Red wine vinegar is one of those products, like extra virgin olive oil, that was always near us on the kitchen shelf. Known for a variety of health and nutrition benefits, Volpaia Red Wine Vinegar has a clear, bright appearance and a tangy, fruity flavor that reflects the subtle boldness of the fermented wine from which it is made. Even just a small splash can change the flavor profile of your dishes making it ideal to enhance the flavors in salad dressings and marinades.


    Sediment in the bottom of the bottle is a natural by product of the process and will not detract from the qualities of the vinegar.


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