See and Savor

"Our products  and events are offered with a strong sense of place and a belief that
sitting at the table tranquil and relaxed is a lost pleasure that must be found again at any cost".

"the particularity of a specific place and an experience that gives an ingredient a flavor all its own"


Knowledgable, passionate and forward thinking our founder and staff shun the obvious and extend our range to source, select and plan our seasonal collections, tasting events and  learning workshops based on our taste travels in Italy with our Italian family and friends.


We wanted to have these products and experiences available to our family and friends back home and now we have and want them for all of you too. All made possible due to the long standing relationships and collaborations with our artisan producers who are the guiding and working force behind everything we do.  

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Our Story

Selected products follow our philosophy of sustainability and are sourced from generational families and small producers that value the culinary and cultural heritage of the Italian lifestyle. Hosting events allow you to bring Italy home for a personal tasting with guided instruction and include both traditional and new interpretations of regional Italian food and accompaniments. Whether you want to recreate the generational recipes of your grandparents or create new food memories tasting events are a fun night in for family and friends.

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Your purchase and participation helps to support Italy's food business and locally inspired Italian producers to ensure that the authentic flavors and hand crafted traditions of Italy are preserved and protected.  


You all know someone who loves Italian ingredients, do them a favor and tell them about us!