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Cositutti Logo

Purposes and Pleasures

100% Women Owned and Operated

At CosituttiMarketPlace, we aim to:

  • To express the authenticity and ethics of regional Italian food both traditional and innovative through our products, tasting events, travels itineraries and writings

  • To encourage the character of the Italian lifestyle as a model of well-being

  • To promote the belief that preparing a well-laid table to share and enjoy with your family and friends in a relaxed and tranquil manner is a lost pleasure that must be found again 

  • To source artisanal products with the farmer or craftsman the guiding and working force behind everything that is made 

  • To support small producers and generational families to ensure that the culinary and cultural history of regional Italy food is preserved and protected

  • To express the cultural richness of Italy with special events and promotions 



essential and natural ingredients used with genuine traditional methods



certification ensures that products are locally grown and packaged at the site of origin

Artisan Produced


from the land to the artisan's hand, from generational producers, from us to you



personal connections and relationships with our partners and producers 

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