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Cooking with Cositutti 

The recipe may be the best place to reassure the human gesture of sharing. Not just to keep loved ones fed and nourished, but beyond that, as a gesture of the instinct to imagine, to create and perfect, to continue in the countless iterations, to work on a recipe until its variations are explored, its textures, flavors, aromas and physicality are worked on in pursuit of a new and valued item for presentation to the table. This constant endeavor is repeated over and over and over again and has passed down since the beginning of upright man.  (Kitchen Inspirational )

After eating in Italy with our Italian family and friends I’ve come to realize the pivotal place food has in the Italian culture. Italians take time and effort to prepare a well-laid table where there is beauty and grace in the smallest detail. These recipes are from a variety of sources. Many have been passed down by our Lombardian cousins and relatives in the Veneto in the oral tradition of the great kitchens of Italy.


Several are from favorite ristoranti, trattorie and cooking schools and friends that are part Seeing and Savoring Italy taste and travel series. Some are written in the narrative style to include the experiences we have had eating and traveling on road trips with our Italian family and friends. All with the belief that preparing a well-laid table to share with your family and friends in a relaxed and tranquil manner is a lost pleasure that must be found again.


Many of our recipes can also be found on the Market Notes Cooking with Us

More Recipes Coming Soon

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A one bite wonder that combines a

perfect slice of grilled beef, a bite of arugula and a creamy herbed cheese with balsamic vinegar from Modena. 

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I learned to make this recipe from Enzo Malvicini. He was not a chef but the owner of harness race horses who had come to America to race at Balmoral Park in the late 1960’s. Enzo was a friend of our Nonna. He lived in Milan and when he wasn’t at the track he would come by to visit Nonna and to cook.

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If you’ve traveled in the Trentino- Alto Adige region of Northern Italy you’ve probably met up with Hugo, the Alpine Spritz at an aperitivo bar where he can always be found making everyone happy. 

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