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Nocciola  - Nutella's culinary cousin. 


Be prepared to be cuddled, surprised and spoiled by this out of the ordinary treat.

Nocciola Chocolate Hazelnut Creme is a delicious toast topper, tart and crêpe/crespelle filler and pancake partner. A rich roasted hazelnut spread with a deep chocolate flavor and velvet smooth consistency made without palm oil.  Also known as gianduja.



Dolciaria Quacquarini Nocciola Creme

  • From Dolciaria Quacquarini, located in the Le Marche region of Italy between the mountains and the Adriatic Sea. Dolciaria Quacquarini is one of the most recognizable 100% artisanal confectioners in Italy combining traditional recipes with unexpected variations. The best ingredients selected for their confectionery products are transformed into velvety spreads.


    Made with sunflower rather than palm oil nocciola is lower in saturated fat. 


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