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In Italy, crema has long been a part of Italian cooking. But in Italy it is not usually cream that creates the creamy texture. Italians puree a wide range of ingredients and for virtually any vegetable there is a passato.  In Italy vegetable spreads are called "creams" even though they contain no dairy products. Their spreadability makes them a perfect charcuterie add on for crackers or crostini. They are an indispensable ingredient used to make soups, toppings and as an ingredient to enhance flavors in a variety of dishes. 


This one is made with artichokes, garlic and olive oil. It's smooth and savory, soft and digestible.  I know people who buy it in multiples so they'll never be without it!  Spread a little over slices of toasted baguette and top with chopped tomatoes and basil for an easy bruschetta, use as the base for flatbread pizza, or spread under the skin of your next roast chicken or sauce a grilled fish. Quickly add garlic flavor to almost anything!


 A secret ingredient in deviled eggs or a hot artichoke and spinach dip.  

La Favorita Artichoke and Garlic Vegetable Crema

  • Gold Award Winner  at 2000 New York “Fancy Food Show" made without preservatives using the finest quality artichokes, garlic, and olive oil. Reach into your pantry with ease for this versatile and creative ingredient.

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