This pasta is unique in so many ways. Made from monograno grain and born at 1000 meters in the Italian Dolomites. Pure mountain air and spring water are used to produce a unique wheat pasta made with Khorasan wheat (kamut), an ancient grain organically grown and manufactured using bronze dies.


Kamut spiral fusilli clings to all types of sauces making it a versatile pasta for traditional sauces as well as a favorite for mac and cheese.

Kamut Monograno Felicetti Fusilli Pasta

  • With a rich nutty flavor of brown butter, kamut is higher in protein than modern wheat yet produces a tender pasta while still being 100% whole grain. It contains gluten, but it's a different kind of gluten than that found in modern varieties of wheat, so some people who are mildly sensitive to common wheat (not those with celiac disease or severe gluten intolerances) can tolerate it better than traditional pastas. It is shown to help reduce cholesterol and stabilize sugar and insulin levels.