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Matt Monograno Felicetti Fusilloni is made with durum heritage wheat from a company with an understanding of the art of pasta making since 1908.  An organically grown grain with a protein content up to 40% higher than traditional wheat, rich in vitamins and amino acids and easier to digest gluten.



Manufactured using bronze dies. Matt Monograno pasta is known for its flavor and that it holds “al dente” beyond the cooking time. Fusilloni clings to all types of sauces making it a versatile pasta for traditional pasta dishes as well as a favorite for mac and cheese.

Matt Monograno Felicetti Fusilloni Pasta

  • A monograno pasta made with a single origin grain and a singular process. The wheat is ground into flour in a single line of production, from the field to your table with minimal processing to preserve its distinctive natural qualities. 100% Italian supply chain. Aromatic and flavorful with a raw aroma of a sunny summer day in a meadow. 

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