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Updated: Apr 26

G.O.A.T. - exceptional, highly skilled in their chosen field, best in what they do

Monograno Felicetti Pasta 🐐

According to Federico Fellini, life is a combination of magic and pasta but not all pasta is created equal. The flavor of artisan pasta is unlike commercial pasta and the texture allows the sauce to adhere to the outside of the pasta giving a more uniform and consistently delicious flavor to each bite. Our signature pasta is unique in so many ways. Born at 1000 meters in the Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol region of Northern Italy at the foot of the Italian Dolomites, Felicetti Monograno pasta earned its reputation for delicious nutritious pasta well-known for its taste and texture.

Used by Michelin starred restaurants throughout Italy and the world, Felicetti Monograno pasta is considered to be one of the premier pastas of Italy. Bronze dies, organic durum heritage wheat and a family of generational pasta makers with an understanding of the art of pasta making since1908 combine artisanal techniques with state-of-the-art clean technology in a single line of production, from the field to your table with minimal processing to preserve its distinctive natural qualities with a 100% Italian supply chain.

Its outstanding resistance to cooking, unique and intense taste and aroma, a strong yellow color and the great absorption of every type of sauce make Felicetti Monograno pasta truly different from other pastas and worthy for consideration as the greatest pasta of all time.

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