Perfect for pinzimonio (from the Italian words pinzare, to pinch, and monio, matrimonio). A harmonious pairing of extra virgin olive oil , a pinch of coarse sea salt  and your choice of fresh vegetables make a perfect marriage of flavors for Italian style crudites. A splash of balsamic in the middle creates a striking contrast in flavor and appearance. 


Can also be used as a vessel for dipping oil with a pinch of Gustus Vitae Tuscan Seasoning







Pinzimonio Dipping Dish

  • Unique artisan crafted dipping dish by artist Mary Judge inspired by the terraced olive groves of the Italian countryside where the artist spent her summers in a converted olive oil mill in Umbria.  Designed to show the shaded changes in the color of olive oils and vinegars as they fill the terraced dish. Presented in a box with package insert suitable for gift giving.


    Featured in In Style, New York Magazine, Wine Spectator, Gourmet, Elle Décor and Oprah.