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7 Ways CosituttiMarketPlace Goes to Extremes to Make You Cook Good

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Over the years we’ve realized that some of our clients, customers and even some friends only have a vague notion of how we do what we do. We’re pretty sure they think we’re good at it because everything they try, buy or learn about our taste travels in Italy makes them want to try, buy or learn more.

Our purposes and pleasures center around remembrances, traditions and the belief that sitting at the table in fellowship with your family and friends is a lost pleasure that must be found again. The pivotal place food has in the Italian culture is our model and our taste travels in Italy with our Italian family and friends our learning lab.

In a nutshell here’s how we do what we do to bring Italy home to you with authentic regional food, handcrafted items and favored finds from

1. Travel Like an Italian

Authentic food experiences can only be found through authentic travel. We travel like an Italian on road trips with our Italian family and friends who take us to the best places to see and savor Italy.

2. Shun the Obvious

We shun the obvious and extend our range to bring you both familiar and new traditions with

the particularity of a specific place and an experience that gives an ingredient a flavor all its own. We want to encourage you to channel your inner Italian and believe that even the most traditional of Italian cooks, every once in a while, needs to re-interpret a traditional skill set of ingredients in new and different ways.

3. In-Country Connections

Our family in Milan and the Veneto and our friends in Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany and Umbria offer us unique access to the Italian lifestyle. Longtime relationships with our partners and friends in Italy have taken us from the front door of the cities in guidebooks to back door visits to learn how Italians think, what they like to eat and cook and more importantly their view of life.

4. Choose Substance and Quality

We source and offer products and provide information that reflects our experiences traveling, eating, cooking and shopping in Italy with our Italian family and friends that creates a highly niche market that may not appeal to all. We could fill our shelves with Italian look-alikes and big box fare of lesser quality. However we have a personal connection to the products we sell. Each is curated and selected personally. We support local producers and generally families here and in Italy who are committed to preserving and protecting regional Italian food and encourage collaborations with like-minded partners.

5. Emphasize the Backstory

We want to make the gastro-history of our products a living part of what we sell because we think that when you know the origins, the seasonality and source of ingredients and the culinary and cultural traditions of a food you are more likely to make it a part of your family’s table.

6. We Take a Lot of Little Chances

Traveling outside the box, beyond the beltway and off the tourist flow we never know what we might find but what we do find has never been disappointing.

7. And a Few Big Ones Too

We’re not sure that everything we like you’ll like. Chances are that if you like Italy and the Italian lifestyle our products and offerings will appeal to you. Visit our website, read our blog, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook and see if you’d like to sit down at our table to see and savor Italy. We’re on a journey and we’d like you to be a part of it.

8. We Love the Taste of Learning

Our founder and creative developer is an enthusiastic advocate of life-long learning. Knowledgable, passionate and forward thinking, her background in teaching is reflected in an underlying commitment to the gastro-history of regional Italian food and the culinary and cultural traditions that make the food of Italy so memorable.

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