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Lasagna Done Right

Lasagna is a traditional Italian Christmas dish. A prelude to the second part of the Christmas Day meal that is meant to be celebrated and savored with a well-laid table of generational recipes from kitchens that came before us. 

It is a perfect recipe to make ahead of time. Perfect for feeding a crowd, freezer friendly and it reheats well for low-effort leftovers. However making a traditional Italian lasagna does take a fair amount of time and can be a little tricky. Perfecting your Nonna’s recipe or Nigella’s Lasagna of Love does take some effort and an understanding of the essentials of Italian cooking.

I’ve learned over the years that although Italian cooking looks easy there is a hidden talent to getting it just right. Call it sprezzatura - found in almost every aspect of Italian culture. It's what makes the fashion, food and design of Italy so inspiring. Sprezzatura is an old Italian philosophy on art and style giving the impression that any brilliant ideas came with minimal effort. In this case, the impression of lasagna as a casual, homestyle comfort food that takes little effort. When actually it is one of Italy’s most well-thought out dishes. 

So whether you’re making a traditional Bolognese Lasagna from Emilia Romagna or a super quick Inside Out Lasagna that skips the layering and long baking, here are the Most Common Lasagna Missteps that can separate you from the perfection of one of Italy’s best loved recipes. 

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