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Meet Matt

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

Meet Matt, a special varietal of Durum organic heritage wheat farmed in the sunny fields of Apulia. Grown at km 0, (short for zero kilometers), Matt is sourced from selected farms, stored in dedicated silos and ground into semolina flour within 24 hours of production by Pastificio Felicetti to make a unique monograno pasta. Using a singular grain and a singular process, made at a single mill that grinds the wheat into flour in a single line of production. The wheat from the field to your table with minimal processing, to preserve its distinctive natural qualities.

Combined with alpine water and the clean mountain air of the Italian Dolomites, the artisanal skills of generations of pasta makers create one of the premier pastas of Italy and one of our favorite ingredients. Matt cooks perfectly al dente with pleasant tasting notes of stone baked bread and butter and an aroma of summertime hay. With 3 times the fiber of conventional pasta and a 30% higher protein content, pasta make with Matt is wholesome and delicious.

Now take a minute to pick up a few tips on making the perfect pasta. Currently available at CosituttiMarketPlace in our Pasta, Pesto and Grains selection.

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