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Our Gifting Philosophy

In Italy the giving of gifts is a labor of love. Italians put a lot of thought in the selection of a gift. Generally they are never expensive but of good quality.Italians give gifts for many occasions and always bring a small hostess gift to show their appreciation. In Italy gifts are a way of strengthening relationships and are carefully considered.

Although the verb “to give” in Italian is “dare”, when giving a gift, it is more common to use the verb “regalare”, or “to gift." To give something as a gift requires the verb “to make” rather than “to give” in Italian, you make a gift not give a gift (fare un regalo). It is a very personalized experience. The most common Italian word for a gift is “un regalo” (or “regalino” small gift). However you will also see the word “pensiero” or “pensierino” meaning a small gift or “token”. Pensare is the Italian verb meaning "to think" so the use of this word in gifting is a significant insight into the way Italians view this gesture, a gift is a thought sent to you.

We design and offer gift boxes that value tradition and innovation. Presents from artisan producers and generational families committed to Italian inspired small batch production make our gift combinations unique, useful and one of a kind with attention given to the culinary and cultural traditions of regional Italy and her Mediterranean neighbors. We take great pleasure in providing you with personalized service to guide you towards the perfect gift. We strive to make giving and receiving gifts a beautiful experience reminiscent of our Italian friends and family. We

want every interaction with our company to be a reflection of our passion for thoughtful giving.

Current Gift Collections Available at CosituttiMarketPlace

Looking for something more personal? Our team is here to help you with unique artisan gifts that bring Italy home. Tell us your gift budget, your product preferences, and we will build each custom gift set with care, and ship it off with ease!

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