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Capri Blue

Italy is a country filled with the attraction of color. Each meal in Italy is a colorful work of art; made with passion, freshness and the flavors of a cook's brush strokes. Set in a landscape of regional colors, eating and traveling in Italy is a multi-sensory experience with a swatch book to see and savor.

The vibrant red of a panzanella salad, the intense ruby-red of a Brunello, the earthy terra-cotta of the pottery of a Tuscany farmhouse, the grey-green silver leaves of the olive trees and the fire-red orange of flames grilling a bistecca. The warm enveloping shades of citrus, the purple-green tints of artichokes or the mosaic tiled architecture of Byzantine Ravenna are color memories linked to times, places and people that have made my taste travels in Italy so memorable.

Yet, for me, Italy as an artist is at her best when she draws her brush strokes in blue. It is the color that represents the revolution that united Italy. A color found in the smokey-veined stone or marble, the fashions of Missoni or in the azure blue of the grottos of the sea in Capri.

My best use of Italian blue - the classic Capri blue Motocicletta. (foto taken at Fidenza Village)

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