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Mountain Pasta

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Our signature pasta is all about air, water, earth and fire. It's about bronze dies, organic durum heritage wheat and a family of generational pasta makers with an understanding of the art of pasta making since1908. Made from an organically grown grain with a protein content up to 40% higher than traditional wheat, rich in vitamins and amino acids and easier to digest gluten. Wheat ground into flour in a single line of production, from the field to your table with minimal processing to preserve its distinctive natural qualities with a 100% Italian supply chain.

Not all pasta is created equal

Hungry to know more? Learn about our out of the ordinary mountain pasta made in the Italian Dolomites, a chef's interpretation of Matt Monograno Pasta made in a tea cup and the exciting combination that happens when extra virgin olive oil meets pasta water. - Monograno Felicetti Pasta

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